Dynamite Kid Tribute Page


After the first time I ever went to a professional wrestling match, not only did I know I wanted to be a wrestler, I knew I wanted to be the Dynamite Kid. No other wrestler compares to him, or the impression he left on me. I don't know that I would ever have been a professional wrestler, had my Dad not taken me to see Stampede Wrestling at the old Northlands Pavilion at that particular time.

Ever since I first laid my eyes on the Dynamite Kid I've tried to emulate him. I've tried to look like him, walk like him, and talk like him. I'd spend time in my bedroom throwing punches and kicks at the bed pretending to be him. I started lifting weights at 13 to try and clone myself after him. He definitely lit a fire inside me that still burns strong today and that is the passion I have for professional wrestling.

Come 1988, not only had I realized my dream of becoming a professional wrestler, working for Stu Hart, but I got the opportunity to wrestle, travel with, and get to know more personally my idol the Dynamite Kid.

I believe in treating people as they treat you. Well, Tom Billington, the Dynamite Kid always treated me with respect and was always very honest with me. Although I haven't read the book yet, I know that Dynamite never pulled any punches and won't have in this book. Some would say he could be extreme in being politically incorrect, others would say he has a cold way of expressing himself. I'd say, he called it as he saw it.

I wish that everyone who ever aspires to be a pro wrestler could somehow find the inspiration, the motivation, and have that same fire that was lit inside me the passion for this business that the Dynamite Kid gave to me.

Thank you,

Chris Benoit



When I was a teenage wrestling fan, I always admired the British Bulldogs and they were by far my favorite tag team.  At the time I really didn't know why, but now I do.  I loved them because they were tremendous workers. The matches they had with the Hart Foundation, The Dream Team and the Rougeaus, always left me wanting more and I would stand up and cheer whenever I found out that they were coming to wrestle in Winnipeg.

As a matter of fact, my friend and I had a dream that the Bulldogs would see us waiting for them to sign our autographs and take us on the road with them; to train us to be like them. Well, while it never happened that way, I ended up training in Calgary with the Hart's because I wanted to work like Dynamite did. I was such a fan of the Stampede/Japanese wrestling style and I've tried to wrestle my career in the same vein. There is no one in the history of this business who wrestled as crisp, as mean, or as intense as Dynamite did.

Even though he cannot wrestle anymore, he did more in the ten years that I watched him than most will do in twice that time. More importantly, he was probably the most influential and respected wrestler, as well. I know I have the utmost respect for all of his accomplishments...thanks Dynamite!!

Chris Jericho



My brother and I wrestled Tommy and Davey Boy while working for All Japan back in 1988 in Tokyo. It was a great moment for me in my 20 year career. It was both a pleasure and an honor to be in the ring with one of the best this sport has ever seen.

The last 8 years of my career, I've also had the pleasure of wrestling with Chris Benoit, who keeps the memory of Tommy alive in my eyes. I shared some great times with Tommy in Japan for many years, those times spent will forever be remembered.

Dean Malenko



Great stuff, I mean this guy is a man's MAN. I have a great deal of RESPECT for Tommy. He gave everything for wrestling - and unlike Foley, Tommy is an athlete. You won't hear me say that about many others in the business. I miss guys like that. They MADE wrestling. They're the measuring stick of what a real wrestler should be - real living and breathing HEROES - and role models for the boy's ........ not a kiss ass or suck up like Diamond Dallas Page who would work for free.

People with no discipline have hurt the business more than the fans will ever know. I sort of mark out for Dynamite because he was like Dennis the Menace. He brightened lots of boring downtime around the locker rooms when we were taping TV shows etc. He was always ribbing and having fun - I liked that kind of stuff - and he was one of the best in the business. When you get used badly you have lots of time to think, and many times we ribbed people who were part of the office or their stooges. Guys with the big egos really got mad, the reaction was the best part for me to watch. Danny Kroffat was also a big fan of Tommy and we used to laugh a lot about Dynamite and his ribbing.

Dynamite was also friends with Harley Race who I also respected a lot - lots of laughs, all the time. Harley was game for anything, or any type of action. Once Tommy suplexed Harley off a bar stool while they were drinking. They were two of a kind even though there was an age difference.

I'll never forgot how Dynamite was manipulated to come back after surgery to drop the belts. That clued me in about Vince and how he feels about wrestlers. I knew he was an asshole based on how he treated people and the way he carried himself - I wasn't wrong. Vince likes to bully people.

There are no lies are being told from what I've read so far of Tommy's interviews. The drugs scene which Dynamite talks about is all true - 95-99% of wrestlers are liars and hypocrites when they try to cover up this aspect of the business. Drugs and drinking are just part of wrestling.

The Dynamite Kid, Harley Race, Greg Valentine, Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart - these were the type of guy's I liked to hang out with in WWF if I could (meaning being booked in the same town where possible). They were, fun and they always treated me nice.

Good luck with the book DYNAMITE.

Tom Zenk



Hello Tommy, Hope you are well. I enjoyed wrestling with you in Japan for Baba and your last match at Koraken Hall with Johnny Smith and Johnny Ace and myself was a highpoint in my career. I also enjoyed all the ribbing you and Davey used to do to all the boy's. Outback Jack is a favorite, as well as Terry Taylor and too many others to list. If you`re ever in New York, please give me a call. I'm Living in Long Island and working in New York City.
Best Regards,