Dynamite Kid Chat

Transcript of Event: Thursday, November 18, 1999
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Question: Who was your toughest opponent?
Answer Inside and outside the ring, it would have to be King Tonga, who now wrestles as Meng in WCW.
Question: Did you train Benoit?
Answer I probably taught him more in the ring than I did outside of it
Question: Who were your closest friends and who do you really still dislike?
Answer Danny Spivey, Moondog Spot, Harley Race, Jim Hellwig and Bret Hart were probably my closest friends in the business.
Question: Do you have a favorite memory?
Answer One particular memory was retirement in December 1991, it's a good memory but a sad one, I remember Abby the Butcher, gave me a watch and he had tears in his eyes
Question: How exactly are you related to The Harts and Davey Boy?
Answer I was Bret Hart's brother-in-law - I was married to his ex-wife's sister.  Davey Boy Smith is my first cousin - his mum and my dad were brother and sister.
Question: Have you kept any souvenirs?
Answer I did but I gave them all away because it was too painful to look at them.
Question: What do you think of Chris Benoit ... is he the closest wrestler to you, you have seen?
Answer No disrespect to Chris, when I watch him, it's like going back in time and watching myself. Even the way he pulls up his tights. Maybe one or two of the Japanese wrestlers tried to copy my style, but Chris Benoit is as close as you'll get.
Question: Will you ever be able to walk again?
Answer No
Question: Did you ever have to resort to shooting on an opponent?
Answer Yes one time in New Japan, a wrestler called Hoshino, was shooting and I nearly took his finger off
Question: Who was you favorite opponent in Stampede
Answer Bret Hart we had some classic one hour draws
Question: If you were physically able, which promotion would you rather work for; WCW, WWF, ECW, Portland Wrestling, or Japan?
Answer Japan.
Question: If you could have one more match who would it be against?
Answer Davey Boy Smith in a shooting fashion
Question: Which Japan?
Answer All Japan
Question: What do you prefer now, WCW or WWF? What wrestlers have caught your eye?
Answer No real preference between the promotions, they both go a bit overboard. The wrestler who stands out is Chris Benoit and I hope he gets the title at Mayhem on Sunday ... also Vince McMahon - what a great World Champion he made :)
Question: Are you in pain on a day-to-day basis?
Answer Yes every day
Question: When did you decide to increase the speed of the suplex to make it snap?
Answer Probably around 1984 when I first joined the WWF
Question: In the WWF tag team title match at Wrestlemania II, was that headbutt that you hit Greg Valentine with at the finish as painful as it looked?
Answer Not as painful as the landing outside the ring after it.
Question: What is the secret in the snap in the snap suplex?
Answer Knowing how to do it, and putting power behind it
Question: Why do you hate Davey Boy and is there ever going to be a reconciliation? Surely blood is thicker than water?
Answer It was a lot of things which built up over the years and which I've tried to explain in the book. Evidently blood is not thicker than water, and no there will never be a reconciliation.
Question: Do you not think that the hoax call to All Japan when they were told you had died in a car crash was just another Davey Boy prank, albeit a bad one?
Answer The call to All Japan was done out of spite. I am sure my former partner and his wife were behind it.
Question: Would you open a wrestling school?
Answer I would, but I wouldn't want to take money off people when there is no business left in the UK for them to go into
Question: On the cover of Pure Dynamite, how old are you
Answer 25
Question: What do you think of Mick Foley?
Answer I like him as a man I've known him for a long time and he's put his heart and soul into the business and for that he deserves respect.
Question: What was your best match ever?
Answer I've had too many good ones to name just one, but my Japanese matches against Sayama (Tiger Mask I), Ricki Choshu, and Tatsumi Fujinami were always good. Plus, some of the matches I had with Bret in Stampede.
Question: What do you think about Billy Robinson
Answer I met him once in Chicago, but his best days were behind him. From what I was told in his prime he was the best shooters in the game
Question: What was your reaction to the Survivor Series 1997? What would you have done in the same position?
Answer Well, firstly, I'd have taken the original offer from WCW. Secondly, in that situation, I would never have agreed to a submission hold during that match. But if I'd been Bret, and I thought Vince was going to screw me, I wouldn't have turned up for the match in the first place And I would've kept the belt
Question: How does Japan differ from the US?
Answer Wrestling in Japan is more realistic than you would imagine. That's why a lot of wrestlers only go once. It's too real.
Question: Is there an operation that can help you?
Answer To the best of my knowledge, no there isn't
Question: Would you ever consider attending a UK show as a commentator or announcer, not for money though just for fun? 
Answer No, I wouldn't like to embarrass myself in front of an audience in a wheelchair
Question: Can we ask you about the recent Paul Wight father's cancer angle, do you think that was appropriate?
Answer I thought it was disgusting. But that was down to Vince.
Question: What do you think of the Dirtbike Kid?
Answer 100% shite
Question: Were you ever stretched in the Dungeon?
Answer A few times by Stu, but, only after I gave him my body - as in, I got down on all fours - and let him stretch me. When I told him to try and get me there first . . . it was a different matter.
Question: During the time you worked with Benoit in Stampede, did you have any idea he would so closely follow in your footsteps to become arguably the best wrestler in the world, just as you once were?
Answer I knew with his style he would make it big in Japan, but due to the size barrier in the US, I wasn't sure whether he would go as far as he has. 
Question: In his column for the Calgary Sun, Bret Hart recently told a story of how Dynamite gave his boots to a young Chris Benoit at one of the shows. Did this in fact happen? If so, is there anything you would like to say about the event?
Answer Yes that's true it was a pair of British Bulldog boots.
Question: Were you ever told to go on steroids and do you blame them for your current predicament?
Answer Nobody told me to take steroids But if I didn't use them, I would never have had a job with the WWF. I was too small. Steroids were maybe partly to blame, but mostly it was down to the way I wrestled.
Question: What was your biggest win
Answer The night I won the WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship of the world
Question: Did you ever meet/wrestle Chris Jericho and how do you rate him? Would you have ever done the job for a girl?
Answer No, I never met him. And no, I would never do a job for a girl.
Question: Do you miss wrestling
Answer Of course I do
Question: Is it true that you invented the name Ultimate Warrior
Answer NO that was Vince McMahon
Question: Who named you Dynamite Kid
Answer My coach Ted Betley
Question: Why did they never let you beat Sayama
Answer Because he was the Japanese hero
Question: How did you learn the flying headbutt?
Answer When I was 19 I saw Harley Race when he was the NWA champ come off the corner post, I did the same move but covered a greater distance.
Question: What is your best practical joke ever?
Answer How long have you got? Getting the midget wrestlers so drunk they couldn't criss-cross in the ring. The time I told a wrestler with serious hemorrhoids to rub in some Fiery Jack ointment, and he did. Slicing a hole in Dave Hebner`s suitcase so everything fell out when he picked it up. really, I did so many, it's hard to pick just one, but there are some more in the book.
Question: What's the worst backstage fight you were ever involved in?
Answer One that I recall and I got the blame for, was between David Schultz and Hulk Hogan It started off more as a test of strength but turned a bit nasty. They both ended up with bloody noses.
Question: What is your favorite arena?
Answer In America, Madison Square Garden. Budokan Hall in Japan
Question: What do you think about the Owen Hart fiasco?
Answer As far as I could see it was a freak accident. It could have happened to anybody. But bless him anyway.
Question: Did you teach Owen to be a practical joker?
Answer No not guilty
Question: How much did you earn in Stampede per week
Answer I started on $350 per week. Towards the end during the cage matches with Bad News I got $1500
Question: Do you think women have a place in professional wrestling and is it as wrestlers?
Answer I don't have a problem with women wrestlers. Some of the Japanese women are better than the men.
Question: What wrestler could fart the loudest
Answer Andre the Giant after a couple of boxes of wine
Question: What do you think about women and men wrestling each other
Answer I don't agree with it
Question: What do you remember about Big Daddy?
Answer Mainly that he and his brothers, Brian and Max Crabtree looked out for themselves and nobody else.
Question: Were scriptwriters employed when you were wrestling?
Answer No
Question: Do you feel the wrestling industry has kind of turned their back on you ... who still keeps in touch?
Answer Not really. When I retired in 1991, I more or less broke off all contact with the business anyway. I still hear from Danny Spivey, Chris Benoit, Bret, Mark Rocco, and a few of the British lads who are still working
Question: What was it like coming back to wrestle in the UK in 1993
Answer Standards had fallen in the UK
Question: Why did you wrestle on the These Days card in 1996
Answer I went back because I missed Japan, the money was poor but I needed it
Question: What do you think of Bad News Allen
Answer I like BNA, he was a hard hitter, and I thought we had some great matches especially the street fights.
Question: What are your memories of wrestling for Don Owens promotion here in Portland, good or bad?
Answer I have some very good memories, especially of Billy Jack Haynes, Curt Hennig, Dave Patterson and Buddy Rose.
Question: Did you ever wrestle Bob Backlund? What did you think of him?
Answer I never wrestled him, but I did meet him in Japan when he was the WWF World champion. I thought he was a gentleman.
Question: What happened to Ben Bassarab?
Answer He got divorced from Alison Hart and from what I heard he got into trouble with the law.
Question: What did you think of the Owen Hart tribute match between Bret and Benoit?
Answer I thought it was outstanding because there was no run ins or outside interference.
Question: Do you have memories of the late Rick Rude
Answer He was a very good heel and I always got on with him
Question: Do you have an opinion on the Bret Hart- Davey Boy public feud
Answer As far as Bret and Davey not liking each other I'd just say go for it
Question: Who is your favorite heel?
Answer I thought Bad News was good heel in the ring and on the mic
Question: What do you think of Jake Roberts
Answer He should have stayed in the clinic
Question: Was Stan Hansen tough in real life
Answer I'm sure he could handle himself but he wasn't that tough. He didn't have a particular hard rep
Question: Did you see the matches between Sasuke and Benoit
Answer No
Question: Bret Hart always puts you over in every single interview as the best wrestler ever to lace up the boots. Do you have the same respect for Bret?
Answer Of course I have respect for Bret.
Question: Do you ever see your kids? Is it true that Bret takes care of them a lot in Calgary?
Answer No, I don't see my kids, but I call them. Bret sees them and sometimes he takes my son, Marek, ice skating at the weekends
Question: Any cool stories about Pedro Morales
Answer I always got great with Pedro, but he didn't like doing jobs and he would actually sulk over it
Question: Do you like Jushin Liger
Answer I knew him when he was a young boy, he was a good hard worker and I suppose it paid off for him in the end
Question: What was your relationship with Pillman, were you friends
Answer No, I never liked him
Question: What was Giant Baba like
Answer He was a good boss in spite of all the pranks I got up to
Question: What about Captain Lou?
Answer He was very entertaining, especially when he'd been drinking and his remarks at the expense of Vince McMahon were always good for a laugh
Question: Did you think was dumb to bring a bulldog to the ring
Answer I thought so, yes but the boss did not
Question: What's the stiffest move you've ever had put on you in the ring
Answer Apart from the Rougeau incident, I would say a full nelson applied in Portland by Billy Jack Haynes
Question: What is your opinion of Vince McMahon and the `new` direction of wrestling?
Answer Vince is a shrewd businessman. At the end of the day, everything he does is with himself in mind. I got bollocked off him quite a few times, mainly when he accused me of doing things to other wrestlers. As for the `new` direction of wrestling - it's a lot different to the one I remember. All I can say is time stands still for nobody.
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I hope you enjoy the book, it's all true. 
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